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Veteran’s Special Honor (Part 2) – Gig Line #181


By Marsha M. Brown

A short time ago I wrote about three men in the field of dentistry who wanted to do something very special for our veterans. The three gentlemen being Dr. Patrick Morgan, Jr. D.D.S., P.A., his son Dr. David E. Morgan, D.D.S. both of Morgan Family Dentistry and Dr. Frank A. Bald, D.D.S. of Elizabeth City practice in office locations in Elizabeth City, Coinjock & Southern Shores respectfully. But this GIG LINE isn’t about promoting them…not at alland they would tell you that in a heartbeat. In fact, from the start all they’ve wanted this event to focus on is our veterans…plain and simple…and because they want to give something back to the men and women who have given so much to all of us.

I can tell you without reservation that their gesture is not about self edification or self promotion…it is though…about kindness, personal gratitude and a display of honor from three very busy men grateful for the service and sacrifice of our brave United States military personnel. It is about caring people who want to make a difference in a veteran’s life by setting aside a day of special thanks with a goal of helping them feel better if they’re experiencing dental pain.

Yesterday, I contacted our friend ‘Doc’ Tyler of Moyock, N.C. (formerly U. S. Marine Corps, Vietnam veteran) who first told us about the event the dentists were planning. He again offered praise for them individually and collectively including their staff not only for what they were doing…but for why they were doing it. He expressed his own pride in the fact that while Dr. David Morgan, youngest of the three, though not having personally served in the military, greatly valued our veterans and as a man who wanted to dedicate his day to serve them. ‘Doc’ was moved by the generous spirit of the three who could have  just said ‘thank you’ during this upcoming Veteran’s Day week and been on their way but rather chose to make our vets feel as special as they are by dedicating that day to them. Doc said he had heard quite a few veterans say they were planning to attend the one day event and that he hoped more professionals would also consider following Dr. Morgan’s lead believing that we can never thank our veterans enough. I should note that ‘Dr. Pat’ (as he’s fondly referred to) told me not long ago they would be offering free T-shirts to the vets who attended and that he hoped it would be a day veterans would come and spend some time together. As I understand it, veterans from everywhere are planning to go just to say ‘thank you’ to the docs with no intention of having teeth pulled.

So…if you’re a veteran who has dental pain or you need an extraction that you’ve been putting off, save the date – for free dental extractions (limit 2), Friday, November 6, 2015 at Morgan Family Dentistry, 153 Worth Guard Rd., Coinjock, N.C. 27923. Come early and remember: first come – first serve basisfrom 7AM – 3PM. Please bring your DD-214 showing Honorable Discharge and a picture I.D. Also, Billy and I along with some other Dare County vets will be on site just to lend a hand and to distribute the most recent free NC4VETS Resource Guide magazine that will provide great contact info and resource material for veterans and their families.

And more good news veteran friends! At the last Dare County Veterans Advisory Council meeting, Barbara St. Amand a devoted veteran supporter spoke on behalf of the Friends of the Outer Banks History Center about an opportunity to attend a “premier exhibit from the Military Collection of the State Archives of North Carolina and the Outer Banks History Center” beginning November 3rd through November 13th, 2015 upstairs in the Dare County Arts Council (Old Courthouse downtown Manteo). Barbara enlightened everyone explaining the exhibit would feature “never before displayed photos, documents and art related 20th century military service”. How cool is that? Please consider attending…you might see someone in person or in an old photo that you know and the experience is bound to take you back…w-a-y back! She added that the event included a reception and program on Thursday, November 12th at 7PM and that speakers would include several distinguished panelist who will elaborate on the exhibit. The typical Dare Arts Council hours: Tuesday through Friday 10AM – 5PM; also First Friday Nov.6th 6PM – 8PM; Saturday 12 Noon through 4PM; closed Sunday and Monday, however for questions or further info, please call (252) 473-5558.

If you have access to a computer you might want to view the many upcoming veteran events at www.veteransweekobx.com – you’ll be amazed!! The schedule is evidence that many people across our county love and support our veterans! Once you check it out…mark your calendars and please attend all of the special activities that you can. Let our communities embrace you! You deserve gratitude so please let us celebrate you! J

IMPORTANT! For the past four years Manteo First Assembly has written, performed and hosted a “SALUTE to VETERANS” however, this year the church will not but…ONLYbecause another event will take place on Saturday, May 28th, 2016 instead – as a tribute to the fallen and a reminder of the essence of MEMORIAL DAY and the many men and women who have lost their lives while serving our country. The program will also commemorate those who have served, those who are no longer with us and the loving family members who celebrate their memory and mourn their loss. The very poignant program will give honor to all.

In less than two weeks numerous veteran celebrations will begin in Dare County…and in the next GIG LINE, I’ll list each event to make sure you don’t miss them. In the meantime, please show your support in every way you can to all who have served. No matter our politics, our faith or our opinions about everything else in this world…we are Americans…and we are the best because of our service men and women. Please talk to your children about what a ‘veteran’ is…what their uniforms, hats and T-shirts represent…ask them to tell you what they know…then make sure they understand  that we wouldn’t be who we are without them. Please call us if we can be of help to a veteran you know: my cell: (252) 202-2058. When it comes to our veterans – lets all stick together in a big way. Until next time, be happy…be safe…and be proud. God bless you all and stay tuned.

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Marsha M. Brown has been writing a weekly Gig Line since 2012.  Marsha is the widow of Vietnam War, U.S. Army, veteran Billy Brown of Manteo, NC.  She was instrumental in establishing the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council and maintains an active role in the veteran community. You can reach Marsha with questions or suggestions at editor@giglineheroes.com.  Have a story to tell or a veteran to feature? She would love to hear from you!

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