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This thing about Christmas… – Gig Line #331

By Marsha M. Brown

Well friends we’re inching our way toward Christmas day when believers in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ is acknowledged and celebrated across the world. An extraordinary day in history that reminds us that our Heavenly Father through immaculate conception created a son to be delivered by the Virgin Mary and whose name is Jesus.

Mary…the Mother of all mothers who in a very pregnant state rode on the back of a donkey eighty or more miles across the desert to a destination of safety. Imagine for a minute the discomfort she must have experienced in her quest to bring her precious little one into the world. As Christians we thank God for her and Joseph too who led the way and who found a resting place to finalize her labor and delivery resulting in the birth of our Lord and Savior. The inn keeper too contributed to that extraordinary event allowing a humble stable for baby Jesus to be born when places to rest were scarce with “no room in the inn“.

The essence of this miraculous birth is exemplified year after year where we use Christmas cards, wooden lawn displays and more to tell the story. If you want to see a real work of art and example of love and faith, please ride by Manteo Baptist Church (406 US-64, Manteo, NC 27954) at night. Their church family have provided a visual of the ‘Christmas Story’ on the church campus with beautiful displays and it’s a visual you don’t want to miss! You simply STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE AND RIDE THROUGH between 6pm – 9pm until and including Christmas night! AND…for an extra special treat…the evening of SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19th from 6pm – 8pm the incredible DRIVE-THRU LIVE NATIVITY will include live characters! There are directional arrows to clearly show the entrance and exit and you can’t help but feel the love for God and our communities that went into this display. Please make the effort to ride through and be blessed!

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The world in which we live has gone crazy to say the least and while I won’t use this GIG LINE about Christmas to highlight the issues that plague our nation, I will say that I can’t comprehend the animosity of people to actually protest the annual Wreaths Across America event that places wreaths on the graves of our fallen soldiers. According to the news of late, the founders of an organization that finds fault with placing the wreaths on our veteran’s graves sees it as a desecration…simply UNBELIEVABLE…just another symbol of disrespect that has been shown repeatedly across our nation to our veterans, our law enforcement etc. especially over the last year.

I respect other’s views that are different from mine…I do…but when their festered opposition challenges so many others’ faith and appreciation for remembrance of our veterans who have died and is so blatant, its beyond criticism in my opinion. But…you know what? I won’t take any more of this space to further acknowledge their issues…it seems they have many. Finally, I wonder if they are certain that the soldier’s they protest on behalf of never cried out to God for help, salvation, or healing from a battlefield, jungle, or desert perhaps when they were drawing their last breath? Bless the protestors and fault finders withered and hardened dark hearts.

In wishing you and your family the warmest and most blessed Christmases ever, I ask that we all focus on the real meaning and origin of Christmas and that we also remember the losses due to recent tornados that have hurt so many – of whom STILL have faith…STILL love God…STILL love humanity and the goodness therein.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to believers and non-believers… (maybe someday they will) and then, even in the most difficult of times in their lives they will come to know why we say our prayers…why we lean on something (someone) that has provided comfort, courage, and healing so many times in our lives…and why we believe in the Christmas miracle!

God bless you…our veterans…our active duty and deployed troops…our law enforcement and politicians who genuinely care; who stand up for and seek the truth and who put this nation and her people FIRST above everything else.

Until next time, be healthy, safe, and happy. LOVE one another, seek folks who need help or a friend. Call me if you’d like: (252) 202-2058 or email me: giglineheroes@aol.com and check out www.giglineheroes.com when you can’t sleep! 🙂  I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Stay tuned!

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