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Things that bind us together… – Gig Line #254


By Marsha M. Brown

Every Thursday morning ladies in our community come together for a breakfast meet at Darrell’s Restaurant in Manteo. It came about as an unintentional circumstance and bloomed over time to be a regular weekly get-together that everyone who cones enjoys. The food is always delicious, the atmosphere is pretty, coastal and simply Outer Banks. The mounted blue marlin, the old fishing pictures and all the deco that celebrates our watermen and our heritage makes you proud and happy just being there. It’s an awesome place to spend an hour or two sitting together, catching up, ‘lifting up’ folks in our towns and villages who have something to celebrate…need help and/or prayer. Without question the ladies I have sat with at the Thursday morning breakfast are women of faith…strong faith. The faith composition is comprised of Pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist; just that I know of and while (if asked) we might have some differences of opinion on a few topics, patrons at a nearby table would never know. Some at the long table are happily married and have been for years, while others are widows still grieving the loss of their best friend and spouse. Some are widows of veterans, some are not. And politics? Same thing there, some are Republican, some are Democrat, and some are registered Independent. Yet…we all sit together, side by side happy to spend time in each other’s company as friends, as neighbors, as believers and as women who love our country and the Lord. The group is not by invitation…it’s just one of the many things a close community and hometown folks do…at least on our Outer Banks!

After leaving a monthly sales meeting in Nags Head, I was happy I could still get back to Manteo in time to join the ladies! If you’d also like to come and join us next week…please come on!

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After breakfast, I ran a few errands then attended another memorable ‘Grief Share’ class that I’ve talked about with y’all before. Again, sitting with awesome ladies who have lost a spouse or family member share their (our) heartache together. The best part of it is competitive…is it the comfortable setting of Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church? Is it the extremely helpful workbook you have an opportunity to purchase (for only $15) and well worth it? or is it the videos that we watch where people of all ages express and share heartfelt memories, sadness, and the extreme void in their life without that special loved one at their side? I’ll tell you…I love it all but my favorite aspect of ‘Grief Share’? It’s Peggy Snead! I see her standing at the lectern leading and inspiring us to seek ways to cope or adjust to our life now that is so different, yet…even on her “journey” she continues to organize the 13-week class unselfishly helping others. She is quite the lady…Peggy is. I love her classes and I try my best to get there each week…every Thursday at 4 – 6pm…Thursday again…a very special day!   

Speaking of Thursdays…our next Dare County Veterans Advisory Council meeting will be Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 3pm if y’all would like to attend. We’ll be downstairs, Rm 168 at the Dare County Justice Center complex (Administrative Building), 954 Marshall C. Collins Dr., Manteo, NC 27954.

In essence…weekly breakfast at any of our many local restaurants; Grief Share classes and Council meetings bring us all together. Its where we share our ideas and goals that we hope to accomplish for the good of all.

God bless all of our deployed troops and active duty military stateside; bless our veterans for their dedication to our country and keeping it free…and bless all the men and women who support them…bless the families who wait for them with empty arms for weeks, months and even years…on standby waiting for their safe return…bless the medical staff that treat and care for our veterans who have visible and invisible wounds…bless all politicians and law makers who protect our armed forces and vote to provide them the education, equipment and tools to ‘get the job done’ no matter what that ‘job’ may be…if its in the best interest of America and the safety of our people…thank God for them every single day.

Until next time…be happy…be safe and be proud. We have much to be happy about and to be proud of. Thank you for reading GIG LINE and for being true blue lovers of our land. Together we can accomplish so much – pray everybody…pray. Call me if you wish, my cell: (252) 202-2058, email: editor@giglineheroes.com Even if I haven’t met you, I love you just the same. Stay tuned…

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