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Save the Dates – Gig Line #240


By Marsha M. Brown

Our lives are busy, busy, busy…with family, work, church, social activities etc. and there’s always so much to do and even with all the modern day conveniences of  shopping on line (avoiding stores), researching on line (forgoing the library), telling our appliances, electronics and home security systems what to do but even with all the unique gismos we have to save us time, we still fall short sometimes of getting everything done that we need to in a day…then we feel guilty that our ‘check list’ is incomplete at day’s end. That brings me to my point.

We are still two weeks ahead of Veteran’s Day Weekend with time, right now, to earmark special events that will honor our veterans. So, can I ask y’all to get your day planners, calendars & cell phone ‘things to do’ screen ready to notate some of the following dates? Please try to attend the gatherings, take your children/grandchildren or maybe think of a veteran you know who might really be blessed if you offered to take him/her to even one of the events I’ll list over the next two weeks. Also, can you make it a point to help spread the word to the friends, neighbors and work associates about all the wonderful ways our communities support and honor our veterans over the next two weeks? Please?

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The Outer Banks is such an awesome place to live and love each other. We see neighbors helping neighbors often when hardships fall, and we stick together. We’re tough, resilient and we persevere at getting things done when people need help…even if we don’t know them at all. Case in point…I recently met a nice veteran man who is seldom able to leave his home. He’s ambulatory and he can drive but he seldom does as he lives by himself. He inspired me…that nice veteran who loves our country, who served our nation for years and in fact retired from the service, but as with all of us life changes things. People we love pass away, children grow up and move away with families of their own and finding the time to spend with someone…even those you love so much…lessens by nature. That is what I’m talking about.

How nice would it be and how good would you (we) feel if we just took the time to call a veteran we know or even the spouse of a deceased veteran and invited them to lunch? Or to one of the special Veteran’s Day events? And how wonderful would they feel knowing you (we) cared enough to think of them?

Jeepers, when you think about it, many of us have time for that “simple act of kindness” because a lot of businesses close early or all day at some point to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Right? But you know what? Even if you can’t squeeze it in in the coming two weeks, how about before or after that? Veteran’s Day should be e-v-e-r-y day, do you agree? When you see tears stream down a veteran’s face as he salutes our American flag in a parade, or when our children at school or sporting events sing patriotic songs…you know you’re in the midst of greatness. Our veterans are our heart…they have seen things we’d never, ever want to witness…they are our heroes…please folks, lets honor them greatly during the upcoming Veteran’s Day weekend and weeks ahead.

With so much in the works, I’ll report on many activities, but there are two events I wish to share at this moment first being: a free two-hour class hosted by a veteran’s wife whom many of you know as Peggy Snead, Manteo. As many of us remember, Peggy lost her beloved husband ‘Mr. Snead’, a true Dare County icon, in September 2016 and she organizes a remarkable class each year to help widows, widowers and everyone else too who have lost someone they love dearly to help them cope and adjust to life absent of their loved one. This Sunday, October 27th she will host “Surviving the Holidays” at Mt. Olivet Methodist Church from 4-6PM. Please encourage a friend who could be encouraged and comforted just sitting among others who are grieving through the special coming holidays. Then, make a note also for January 9th, 2020 for a 13 week “Grief Share” class she will host again at the church each Thursday from 4-6PM. There is no charge for this class although there is a workbook you can purchase for $15 if you wish. Also, if you sign up to attend but miss some of the classes, it’s okay because every week, the topics about dealing with grief are different, so you will never feel you’re behind. I have personally attended Peggy’s classes and I felt ‘fed’ by the Lord and others in that communal comfort. You know that you are truly sharing your grief with others and vice versa and friends, Peggy Snead is OUTSTANDING as the teacher…she is precious! Pass the word about her class please.

Lastly but also very importantly…save the date for Friday & Saturday, Nov. 8th & 9th to attend the 2-day Island Holiday Craft Show in Manteo where you can also obtain your Dare County Veteran Discount Card.  


Until next time, be happy, be safe and be proud…hold you head and your chin up and look toward Heaven where all our brave soldiers, airmen and seamen veterans now reside. I truly love you all and thank you for reading GIG LINE. If you know a veteran who needs help, please refer them first to Patty O’Sullivan, Dare County Veteran Service Officer (252) 475-5604, our official & local source of V.A. help or to me (252) 202-2058 and I’ll do my best to help find you the help you need. Take care and God bless you all!

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