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Returning the Favor – Gig Line #27


By Marsha M. Brown

Are there ever days in your life that you’re bored? Does your job require working only in season with substantial time off in the fall and winter months? Or maybe you work part time or you’re retired? If any of those scenarios fit, there are plenty of ways you can spend productive time helping our troops and veterans if you’re willing.

There are several veteran related events that will take place soon that I’d like to share with you. Please consider saving the dates so you won’t miss spending time meeting with fellow veterans and connecting one to another…please try to come!


Nags Head

OBX Seafood Festival – the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council (DCVAC) will host a booth at the Festival (www.obxseafoodfestival.org) to be held on Saturday, October 20 from 11:00AM to 6:00PM. The event will be held at the former Windmill Point sound side location in Nags Head. You’ll have a good time seeing old friends, making new friends, eating lots of yummy seafood, seeing exhibits and entertainment…please don’t miss out! If you’re a veteran or you have interest in seeking resource/referral information about veteran benefits, entitlements and health care PLEASE stop by the DCVAC booth to provide your contact info. The DCVAC is in the process of gathering voluntary contact information for veteran outreach, education and health care seminars in Dare County. They can direct you to the right sources of help and stopping by the booth will also give you a chance to meet Council members and express your veteran questions and concerns. 

Washington, D.C.

I recently heard about an event that Sgt. Melissa “Missy” Clark of the Duck Police Department will be participating in this October 28 in Washington, D.C. When I contacted Missy to get more information about it, she told me she would be running in the 26.2 mile Marine Corp Marathon initiated by “Hope for the Warriors” – Team Hollywood. It was clear from the onset of our conversation that Missy was sincere and dedicated to the cause. She wanted to help those who had served our country. She explained that a group who had been serving in Afghanistan was attacked shortly before they were to return and many were killed. Those who survived suffered a variety of significant injuries and one of them was the son of one of her officers. He…was the inspiration for her run.

If you know Missy Clark, you know she’s a person who has set and achieved one goal after another in her life. She’s a dedicated police officer and always on a mission to do and be the best she can be. She strives to accomplish great things in her life and this quest to represent our veterans is typical for her dedication to others.

Missy explained that “Hope for the Warriors” (www.hopeforthewarriors.org) was an organization much about restoring the lives of men and women who had lost a limb. She said it helps reconnect the veterans who have sacrificed so much to be able to do the things they enjoy doing. She also spoke of “Heroes on the Water” another worthy organization (www.heroesonthewater.org) which is dedicated to rehabilitation of wounded warriors through the outdoors, fishing and kayaking. As an accomplished waterman herself, having acquired her Captain’s license years ago and having previously owned and operated her own fishing vessel, Missy felt that our area abundant with Captains, boats and access to the water could be a big help toward the “restoration” of our heroes. No doubt she’s right. If you’re interested in sponsoring Missy for the upcoming Marathon, please go directly to the (www.hopeforthewarriors.org) site and seek sponsorship of Missy’s run or contact me through editor@giglineheroes.com

and I’ll be happy to forward your information to her. Also, if you’re interested in helping support “Heroes on the Water” for perhaps a future event on the Outer Banks, please make your interest known.



Manteo First Assembly – Saturday, November 3 at 7:00PM the second annual power packed night of entertainment and veteran support will feature professional bag piper, Robert White, (Vietnam veteran) who plays for Special Forces. Mr. White will play several songs; there will be a skit and an array of uplifting, celebrations for our armed forces commemorating their sacrifice and honor. Please come and bring your fellow veteran friends and family! More on this later…


Avon Volunteer Fire Department – 1st Annual Hatteras Island Oyster Roast to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project” Wednesday, November 21 3:00PM – 6:00PM Veteran Pete Groom has a passion and personal commitment to wounded warriors overall. Some time ago I heard Pete speak about how much it had meant to him to serve at a fundraiser on Hatteras Island for the Wounded Warrior Project. He is now organizing a fundraising event himself featuring dinner plates of oysters, barbeque, slaw, hushpuppies & drinks at $30 for Adults – $10 for children. Advance tickets will be sold and if you’re interested in a great meal for a great cause please send your check indicating the number of adult/children tickets and make it payable to: Kinnakeet Civic Association, P.O. Box 291, Avon, N.C. 27915 so they will receive it no later than November 15th. The fun event will be held at the Avon Volunteer Fire Department (heading south in Avon, take a right at the first stop light). Also, limited tickets will be available at the door the day of the event and Pete asked that everyone please bring their own knife (oyster). If you are available and willing to help with the fundraiser in any way, prior to or the day of the event, please contact Pete Groom at (252) 305-1722.

Also, on their Web site, you can opt for a one time or monthly donation in increments of $19, $25, $30 or another specified amount. If you have questions about contributing to the cause, you can call their toll free number at (877) 958-2233.

When I visited the ‘WWP’ web site: www.woundedwarriorproject.org and reviewed their “Mission”, it was clear, “To honor or empower wounded warriors.” You learn quickly they’re about helping the men and women who have sustained injuries, many substantial and life changing while serving our country. As you continue through their site material, you see captivating words like “nurture, empower, engage and respect”. You envision military members who accepted the call of duty into harms way only to come home to life not as they knew it before. Maybe the veteran doesn’t look the same, maybe they walk with artificial legs, and maybe their ambulation is by motorized chair. Life for our very brave men and women has changed for them and their families too. Any good thing we can do to help in their recovery is a blessing so please help in any way possible.  

You may already support ‘WWP’ through donations or in other ways. Maybe you distribute event flyers, cook or serve food at fundraisers…if you do, thank you very much!

There are a lot of great organizations and wonderful, dedicated people like Missy and Pete who don’t just ‘talk’ about doing something…but who actually do it. Thank you again to everyone everywhere who shares their time, energy, ideas and monetary support for our wounded warriors and very deserving veterans. Please keep it up.

Thank you for reading GIG LINE. Please forward your comments, questions and stories to me at editor@giglineheroes.com. In the meantime, be safe, be happy, be proud and stay tuned… 

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