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Parade and Celebrations – Gig Line #146


By Marsha M. Brown

G-o-o-d…no, let me rephrase that…G-R-E-A-T events are underway for Dare County veterans! Please take the time to make note of the following and spread the word to all fellow veterans that you know.

First…All veterans interested in taking part in the Sunday, March 15, 2015, St. Patrick’s Day Parade sponsored/hosted annually by Kelly’s OBX Seafood Restaurant & Tavern in Nags Head…please do so and make your service to our country known! IMPORTANT: You can either ride or walk in the parade…whichever you prefer!  Members of American Legion Post 26, V.F.W. Post 10950 and the Marine Corp League have been working diligently to recruit veterans to enjoy the opportunity of being honored together with them! Veterans who are able to walk the approximate 1 mile trek on the Beach Rd. are welcome to if they’d like but please attend whether you walk or ride. This is a special time for all who have served whether active duty, retired, were drafted or enlisted to come together and let the public see who you are – heroes to all of us!

If you’d like to participate…arrival time to the meeting site is crucial so please be at the American Legion Post 26, 302 W. Lake Drive, Kill Devil Hills, N.C. 27948 (approx. 9.5 MP on the west side of Croatan Hwy. – across from “Ladles” Soups & Salads) by 11:30 AM on Sunday, March 15th. The Legion Hall will be the second building on the right behind Gift Garden (former site of T-Tops Souvenir Shop). At that time you will be directed to the vehicle that will best accommodate you for the ride over to the starting line of the Parade and through the duration of the route. Transportation will be by van, trailer with seating, a convertible etc. or you will be welcomed to walk with the veterans who will carry flags and rifles if you’d like.

This event graciously hosted by Mike Kelly of Kelly’s Restaurant and his staff is very appreciated by the veterans who have been involved over the years. We all know parades are great, family fun but with the veterans usually positioned at the beginning of the parade line-up, it’s a special place of honor. With increased Dare County veteran interest, participation and growing support local veteran organizations are expecting participation from neighboring counties as well! And remember…you don’t have to be an American Legion or V.F.W. member to participate…they welcome all who have served in our U. S. Military!

Also, if you have a convertible, antique car or another unique reliable vehicle to help transport our veterans on that special day, please contact American Legion.

Secondly…Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 1:00 PM (rain date Saturday, March 28, 2015) please join the big celebration hosted by veteran Frank Miller, owner of Hatterasman Drive-In, located 57449 Hwy. 12, Hatteras N.C. 27943. Frank, a very devoted veteran and active supporter of veterans everywhere has planned and orchestrated this event for months now. He invites all who have served as well as visiting veterans to the Outer Banks to join in the celebration! During the event, Dare County veterans who bring their DD-214 showing Honorable Discharge and a local Driver’s License will be able to pick up their Dare County Veteran I. D. Card which entitles  them to nearly 40 local business discounts…with more pending! In next week’s GIG LINE column, I will elaborate on Frank’s military service and share why this event has been his passion. In the interim, please make plans to join in the fellowship of veterans from across Dare County who will be there with you and feel the love from many. This is a SPECIAL event to honor those who have sacrificed so much for all of us. Plus, it would mean a lot to Frank who has put so much into the planning and execution of the Veterans Monument Dedication – we hope to see you there!

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Thanks to the help of another devoted veteran, Tim Willis, and his quest to help generate more businesses to partner with the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council/business discount ‘Card’, his visit to Manager Debbie Moore of Tanger Outlets in Nags Head was very productive! J Debbie signed up to provide a Coupon Booklet to veterans loaded with great money saving opportunities at Tanger!! Yippee! All a veteran with a locally issued Veteran I. D. Card has to do is to go to the ‘Shoppers Services’ Office there at Tanger and show your ‘Card’ and not once a year but as often as you wish. The individual stores DO NOT issue discounts but the Coupon Booklet can be used at most of them. In addition, the Booklet will also entitle you to discounts with Tanger Partners as listed in the back of the Booklet for even more discounts! Yay! Isn’t that wonderful? Thank you Tim and thank you Debbie!

Lastly, if you are interested in applying for a position on the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council, you are invited to do so online or by hand delivering an application to Veteran Service Officer Rhonda Creef.  Please note: the last date of submission for seat vacancies is March 23, 2015.

O.K. folks – our momentum is building daily for our veterans and their families thanks to our Dare County Commissioners, our businesses and all of the wonderful men and women who appreciate your service, dedication and sacrifice. We love you all! We truly do.

Thank you for all you have done. Thank you to the men and women who volunteer in your behalf across our County and our State. Please come to events I listed above and let us say thank you and that we’ll never forget you…how could we? Come and give us a chance to hug your neck…O.K.? My ‘sweetie pie’ Billy and I will look forward to seeing you along with all the members of faithful veteran organizations who lift you up and show you the support you deserve daily.

Until next time, be happy, be safe and be proud. Thank you for reading GIG LINE and please call us if you’re interested in getting an I.D. God bless you all! Stay tuned.

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Marsha M. Brown has been writing a weekly Gig Line since 2012.  Marsha is the widow of Vietnam War, U.S. Army, veteran Billy Brown of Manteo, NC.  She was instrumental in establishing the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council and maintains an active role in the veteran community. You can reach Marsha with questions or suggestions at editor@giglineheroes.com.  Have a story to tell or a veteran to feature? She would love to hear from you!

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