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Locals…first & foremost! – Gig Line #322

By Marsha M. Brown

As a proud citizen of the United States of America, my belief is that we take care of ‘our own’ first and foremost…without exception. As much as I like that people born elsewhere seek to become American citizens, (who wouldn’t want to be?…well…on second thought, there are some…too many anymore…who reap the awesome benefits of American citizenship but who gripe, complain and find fault about nearly everything that has made us stand out far beyond and above any other country) given the fact we’ve always believed in the ‘American dream’ achievable to all through hard work, good advice and a willingness to accept and endure the sometimes painstaking process to reach our goals.

It’s troubling that for weeks we’ve witnessed hoards…thousands and thousands of people cross our border…many of whom are reportedly unvetted, untested for Covid, unvaccinated to prevent that dastardly illness and unscreened for criminal backgrounds therefore a potential liability to the rest of us. It is incredible that our hardworking American citizens with careers and families who suffered through so much hardship this past year are losing their jobs because they refuse to take the vaccine. What in the world are we doing?

My heart breaks for the good families who have traveled so far with very little, carrying children in their arms and still in their bellies and older, couples too leaving behind loved ones, personal possessions etc. to be our neighbors. What I don’t understand is why together we can’t find ways to inspire the countries they escape f-r-o-m to improve their way of life and repair or amend the deficits that make their citizens want to escape.

As Americans, we are typically kind, generous and loving people who want others who join us to be healthy, happy, and successful too…we don’t wish harm against anyone who wishes no harm against us…and we have learned much over our long history from immigrants who came, shared their knowledge, talents, and experience with us…and…I believe we CAN make it work. Like, why have well intended immigrants had to wait so long to be approved for citizenship once they make appropriate application? With all the technology and ability to scrutinize ‘potential’ American citizens, it seems our process needs serious revision, modification, or something to expedite getting them here…legally and swiftly…the right way…just my two cents worth.

Speaking of looking out for ‘our own’ or locals…I believe in supporting local folks…buying in Dare County first, then our state if possible and when made, manufactured or produced in the U. S.…has always been a common practice in our home. Folks who initiate a new business to support their families are worthy of our attention and loyalty which brings a thought to mind.

VETERANS! CRAFTERS! ENTRAPENEURS! If you have been working at home due to Covid…or if you WANT to work at home but you’re not sure how to go about it…to set it up online or to market what you do…I have a suggestion that I’m not only passing along but utilizing myself.

A very intelligent and energetic gentleman I know, especially in matters of computer technology, internet, and marketing is also great with E-Commerce strategy. He’s currently organizing a segment of classes (class student count not to exceed 10 students) to help us learn how to better promote (or more effectively promote) our businesses, skills, talents and to market ourselves in a more positive light regardless of what we do. Though he has worked with the concept for years, he’s expanding his forte’ for new clients who prefer to either continue their work at home or establish working at home in a more effective and profitable way. Full details are pending but pending and the cost will be considerably fair especially given the benefit we’ll receive.   

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There are so many talented veterans who live on the OBX; crafters who woodwork, paint, photograph, create items to sell its not even funny but like myself, we’re not all savvy when it comes to convincing others to choose us over competing goods, products or services. Do you need advice on creating a web page? Or establishing an online sales platform? The fella I speak of is patient (thank goodness…because I can be a challenge!), kind and smart. He realizes the need for his services and is in the process of setting up the informal, locally taught classes to help all of us. If you’re interested…you don’t currently have a means to promote your product, artwork, or services, please contact me and I’ll happily share his contact information. He is someone I trust and appreciate, and I look forward to learning from him as much as I can. More info will be forthcoming but don’t hesitate to call me about contacting him.

That being said, mark your calendars for the upcoming Outer Banks Seafood Festival to be held on Saturday, October 16, 2021, 10:30AM – 6PM in Nags Head at the Soundside Event Site (Pavilion). It will be an awesome day, (as usual), and the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council will again present a booth (by the Blue Star Mothers booth) where you can receive a FREE shopping bag, ink pen, an NC4VETS Resource Guide, info on the proper presentation of our U. S. flag, and a chance to win an American flag just for stopping by. If you are a veteran and you have yet to acquire your FREE Dare County Veteran Discount Card, and you live or own property on the Outer Banks/Dare County, bring your DD-214 showing HONORABLE discharge, a Driver’s License (not specifically N. C. license) and either a property tax bill or a copy of your lease for verification you either lease or own property in Dare County…that’s it! The process takes 10 minutes and the benefit in getting your ‘Card’ will be well worth your time! We’ll look forward to seeing you – so look for us!

As always, thank you for reading GIG LINE and know that I love you all, our country and most importantly…the good Lord. Have faith in Him, in each other and in our American way of life…it is precious and worthy to uphold and respect. If you would like to chat, please call me: (252) 202-2058 or write to me: editor@giglineheroes.com. My new website is giglineheroes.com – pictures will be forthcoming. If you’re a veteran and have a question about a potential claim, please call Patty O’Sullivan (252) 475-5604 or write to her: dcvac@darenc.com – she is the official Veteran Service Officer and wonderful to work with. Call her for an appointment and leave your name, a detailed message, and a return phone number or two. She will follow up with you, I promise!   

Until next time, be healthy, safe, and happy folks, love each other…forgive each other and find goodness in both Republicans and Democrats who truly love this country! God bless you and your family. Stay tuned!

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