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In Our Veteran’s Corner

First blog…EVER!

A friend of mine who knows how much I love to write suggested that I start writing a ‘blog’ and after thinking about it, I decided it could be a good thing. In elementary school, I learned that writing from your heart can create an array of reactions often times provoking conversation, debate, and thoughts about how we really see things in life.

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If you’re a mean-spirited person and you write hateful things just to stir a hornets nest, cause the reader to rear up, cuss and spit ‘n sputter well, go for it but I choose to write from my heart words that sometimes help heal wounds and inspire a reader to identify with their true views on life and the goodness that is around us…even in the midst of chaos when it’s hard to see or feel positivity.  

So, my blogs will be known as ‘In Our Veteran’s Corner’…that’s because my passion is to support, celebrate and honor our service men and women. My husband inspired me to write a story about his coming home from the Vietnam War in 1968. As a U. S. Army soldier his ‘boots on ground’ deployment encompassed the Tet Offensive.

If you read beyond this introductory blog, you’ll see that I’ll cover many topics – some might make you cry, laugh, even blush, or shake your head from side to side wondering how as Americans we so miserably failed our veterans. It was a disgrace and over a period of the last nine years, that ‘initial’ story developed into a weekly newspaper column in our hometown on the East Coast of North Carolina.

I write mostly about love – yep, love…and courage and faith. The love my husband had for our country, his ‘brothers and sisters’, our flag and the good Lord. ‘Billy’ my number one hero, my motivation taught me a lot about love for our homeland, love for each other and love for ourselves or the need to love ourselves more. My writings will cover the gambit from God, who is a big part of my life, and for those who just can’t quite bring yourselves to believe He exists or allow themselves to trust in something they don’t think is tangible will hopefully look at religion differently…if not, I still love you anyway but…trust me when I say…He is alive and well! You will read about how God touched my life when I was a little girl and how He has lifted me up…held me down…pushed me forward and held me back…when it was in my best interest. I will share with you pretty amazing occurrences in my life…did I say amazing? I meant to say miraculous and hopefully the words you read that will pour out onto this keyboard will in some way lift you up, help you feel better about yourself as a person; find joy in the morning even if you’re dealing with deep heartache and not feel so alone. Hopefully, you will see a fresh genuine perspective about religion, aging, ‘precious’ memories and gain a greater appreciation for those who care for us, sacrifice for us and thrive on doing good because they’d have it no other way.

Whether I speak of our outstanding military (all branches), our law enforcement, our firemen/women, first responders, doctors/nurses or the folks who work in everyday positions that are less prestigious…it doesn’t matter, it takes all of us to make the world ‘go round’ because we’re all in this together. We ALL matter…nobody’s perfect. To those who give more of themselves than they take…THANK YOU.

The real knock my socks off realization that I was meant to write came about when the Lord inspired me to honor my husband in what was supposed to be a single-story submission to our local newspaper…since then, I found my niche…to write about the pride he instilled in me for patriotism, love of our beautiful homeland and the honor all who have or are currently serve deserve.

I’ll share information that I hope will help both veterans and their spouses…I get it…I’m a widow of the most awesome man I have ever known who I was blessed to love and be loved by for 48+ years. Almost six years since he passed, and I love and miss him every single day.

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My blogs will be written as if we’re sitting side by side on a wooden porch swing just chatting as friends. Stories will come from deep down in my soul about what it was like being married to a Preacher’s son, having been molested as a seven year old; having lost our home in a fire, having endured a foreclosure and a flood and about the joy of motherhood and ‘grandmother hood’, about pain, heartbreak and loss but also about appreciation for my blessings, recovery from heartache and finding the window that God left open when all the rest were closed.

Blessed so many times and in so many ways throughout my life, I’ve never been wealthy, never served in a high governmental office and I’ve never won the lottery (still hoping though) 😊 but when it comes to life…my lottery has been my husband, children, family, and friends who have loved me and helped me get through the hardest of times.

Veterans are my priority, but other subjects play heavy on my mind too; some relate to current affairs, some are political, some discussions will relate to our health, to my opinion on remedies for everyday problems that plague our nation. To be honest with y’all, I hate the ‘hate’ and the hypnotic trance that so many intelligent people have seemingly fallen into across our nation. It’s sad but not too late to make things better…we must want that though and find peaceful ways together to find resolve and to de-program the trance.

Until my next post, take care, love your family, friends, and neighbors as never before. Show honor and respect to every veteran you see; thank them, shake their hand and if you’re a prayerful person pray for them and their safety. God bless our vets.

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