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I Can Only Imagine – Gig Line #270


By Marsha M. Brown

Sitting in my favorite chair and staring through the window at the world outside and wondering how so much of our world has changed…our old America as a whole believed in God…we prayed to Him in times of need when someone we loved was sick or hurt or dying…we prayed for our soldiers, airmen, seamen and Marines…we prayed to Almighty God to intervene in their battles and in their despair and in their healing…we held our beautiful flag as a mighty symbol of our nation…we respected its creation…its icon to the world with its bright red, white and blue and when anyone desecrated it stomping it in the streets, setting it on fire, urinating on it…we were all mad as heck…we loved our flag…we loved to see little girls and boys waving their colorful fabric gem at the top of a stick when parades walked/rode by them…they were proud little fellas…they were “in it” because their Daddy & Mama taught them at home that it was special…our U. S. Flag was a big deal…it was a time of overall peace and harmony throughout our nation and for the most part folks got along, helped each other, worked side by side…every color God made us…we worked together and loved each other; the only ones who were arrogant or prejudiced were miserable people to start with…they couldn’t say a kind word or find acceptance in their heart for almost anything it seems to me in an attempt to unsuccessfully edify themselves… soldiers fought and died defending all in defense of freedom against tyranny and communism…we loved each other in the foxholes, the jungles and in the rocks and caves…we encircled each other through school to console, help and support each other when the team lost a game…it was okay…”We’ll get ‘em next time!”…our law enforcement was shown great respect…they were who we’d call on if we were fearful about something or someone, felt threatened or needed help because they were always there 24/7…for us; we mourned when one of the men or women in blue were hurt or died serving our nation much like our military…we mourned along with them when a line of police cars followed each other for miles as a tribute to the loss of one of their ‘own’…we knew they weren’t perfect…they never have been…and nor have we…but they were and are brave, seeded in good will, care and love for the decency they see in people and they admonish the bad…having dealt with dismembered accident victims, domestic violence investigations and murder is something a cop has to have the stomach for, the guts and the stamina to deal with countless every day heartaches…we used to hold our policemen in such high regard…remembering 9/11…dear Lord what would we have done without them? it is during those events that made others to strive harder to protect who and what we are…we wanted for others to be a part of the beautiful American Dream…raising families in a peaceful place, safe, far from oppression, far from deadly prejudice…we looked upon our churches with pride and affection…the structures that heard within its walls the deepest of secrets…the prayers for forgiveness…the lifting up of those we know and love and even strangers who were struggling…the houses of worship were respected, they were the Holy places where one could hear testimonies of healing and help and the goodness of others and whole communities when folks suffered loss…   

What is going on today…not everywhere…but in way too many states, cities and towns is ludicrous…and why is it happening? Do we have any gumption at all within our being? At what point do we say “enough is enough” and stand up against negative, rude, obnoxious attitudes including everyone who fuels the fire and feeds the furnace…egging it on…encouraging mean spirited actions…burning churches? disgracing our flag as if it was used toilet paper? Its out of control and if we do not stand up for the right things and against the bad…it will be too late and if that ever happens…God help us…seriously.

We know the truth and if we do not, we need to start sorting things out and finding it. Let me get something off of my chest…it is a necessity that each of us vote…and its totally up to us who we vote for but…I can tell you this my friends, if we don’t open our minds and hearts to the truth and better discern the information we do absorb…I believe we will personally contribute to the most horrible future our country has ever experienced. For goodness sake…get the facts…please, because if you don’t really know the death, suffering, destruction and mayhem that has been going on now for weeks and weeks and those who could have stopped it who actually supported it, get real…peace, harmony, safety and security…our way of keeping it together wasn’t really so bad before all this mayhem was it? It is what we were about in America and can still be if we just make our minds up not to allow devastating changes.

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I am not telling anyone how to vote or who to vote for…I am simply asking that we all use our common sense to consider w-h-a-t we would be voting for. 

If you think you know what and who I stand for…you might, and you might not but what I can tell you is this. If you find my stand for America, our churches and our faith, our Constitution, our history (good, bad or indifferent) is not of interest or too unbearable to read…then please skip reading GIG LINE because what I’ve seen, heard and witnessed first-hand, not by hearsay or talk shows but direct and from the horses’ mouth day in and day out is enough; when I witness live (not set up or staged) but actual live broadcasts of what we are truly dealing with…I shutter to think of the possible outcome.  

Doomsday attitude? No…not me! I have been through and come out of too much in my life to be a naysayer…however, I do think we’re on a slippery, slimy slope with bare feet and we had better reach out, grab something stable to hold onto to give us solid ground to stand on again before there is no turning back.  Fear consumes people and contributes to irrational decisions…being gullible does too.     

Questions to ponder…

Would we really want no cops but rather a homemade enforcers of the law? What about the assistance police provide to protect control traffic for firemen and EMS during emergencies? What if our economy had not built up substantially over the last few years when the virus hit? What if our markets were still struggling and not rebounding prior to the COVID shutdown? Do we want to be obliging or dependent to other countries or nations for our most necessary commodities? Don’t we want to stand on our own as we always have and not bow down to those who want supremacy over the United States? Give me a break!

I can only hope that we will always see our American flags flying; that we always  see churches of all religions standing in tact with doors open to everyone; that we never see our precious Constitution shredded and that we do see the rejuvenation of our true American shine as it did during WWII when everyone pitched together in support of our nation and intended victory. Loving God and allowing each other to believe in their faith, different from ours or not’; supporting our traditions being excited at our parades, honoring our law enforcement officers; supporting fully and wholeheartedly our military and just looking for and acknowledging the goodness in others – all colors, religions, creeds, nationalities as “one nation under God”…I can only imagine…can you?

If you know a veteran who needs help or a friend, please let me know, cell: (252) 202-2058 or email me at: editor@giglineheroes.com or contact our Dare County Veteran Service Officer, Patty O’Sullivan (252) 475-5604 or email her at: dcvac@darenc.com  We love our veterans!

Until next time, I love you all! Be healthy, safe and happy and please wear your mask…six feet away from each other is far better than six feet under. Stay tuned.     

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