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Flowers in the Valley – Gig Line #319

By Marsha M. Brown

First…before I continue, it’s important to acknowledge the precious innocent lives that were taken September 11th 20 years ago…to remember them…to give them honor as well as to their loved ones and the survivors of that horrible day. We all remember exactly what we were doing on that day when the world stood still, and we all cried together. Personally, having seen the news footage over and over again through the years, I still find myself watching it again…and crying again…God bless those who were there in the midst of it…those who could barely walk or run out of fear, trauma, desperation to find co-workers and survivors they knew. Dear Lord…it had to be incredibly horrible.

I was at work in my office at my desk when I heard it. My daughter, Bonnie, and a friend were somewhere in the sky on their way to a business conference. Though her Daddy and I tried repeatedly to reach her cell phone…it wasn’t connecting. Was she on one of those flights? I prayed not. It was late afternoon when my cell rang…her voice on the other end was a blessing…thank our Lord she was okay. If you remember all flights were cancelled that day and those waiting to depart or anticipating loved one’ arrival was on hold. Everybody was scrambling to get cell phone signals and the terminal pay phones had lines a mile long. Everyone was trying to find temporary lodging, but all the rooms were taken in the general area and taxis were as scarce as hen’s teeth. After standing in a long, line she was finally able to use a pay phone. There were no taxis or hotel/motel rooms available…the atmosphere was extremely chaotic and frightening to everybody…but she was alive…she was okay and after hearing her sweet voice, I cried out loud with gratitude.

When I sit down and write GIG LINE, I typically talk to the Lord and pray His guidance in what translates from my brain onto paper. Sensitive to other’s feelings and opinions, I consider that some of you may see things totally different than me; that you may not view the matter of ‘faith’ in the way I do; that you may be on opposite sides of politics, candidates or those currently seated in governmental positions; that you may see law enforcement, the military, homelessness, abortion and Covid-19 from challenging points of view…and I can live with that. What I do hope is that folks with positions contrary to mine be well informed about the topic they defend, that they are up to date with current affairs and that if they debate me or other like kind conservatives, that they argue their point with an open mind.

As much good as there still is in this world, life has taken a turn drastically. We aren’t strangers to diversity…or differences and there has always been challenges, drama, hardships, and quandaries of all magnitudes…but stop for just a second and consider what emotion drives almost everything nowadays…it’s FEAR.

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It controls all of us, especially if we let it…but how can we not? This Covid-19 thing…people are afraid not to get the vaccine but they are afraid to get it too; cities with exponentially rising crime statistics make people afraid to walk their dogs or stroll their children; elderly citizens have been videoed on the street minding their business when people run up behind them, knock them down with force onto the concrete and run away (like it’s a game); grocery and department stores have had to close their doors hours before typical much later closings because of random open theft where people come in with bags and collect everything they want and leave – they just walk out the door grinning as they leave without paying for anything while the employees and legitimate shoppers stand by afraid to stop them; the only barrier we have between crime and ourselves is law enforcement…and yet, defund the police movements have been heard non-stop…even from many city officials; cops with exemplary records are leaving their careers in droves for fear they will be falsely accused of wrong doing…or unfairly fired; the homeless communities are expanding and what used to be enticing areas for shopping are cluttered with trash, garbage, feces, drug deals & usage in the wide open; many of the pro-choice supporters protest about how everyone should get vaccines and wear masks 24/7 to “save lives” but promote abortions even when a baby’s heartbeat is detected…and while I realize unplanned or surprise pregnancies occur, it’s a fact that simply saying “NO!” to unprotected sex and both male and females each acting more responsibly would curtail a LOT of it. That summary is just in scratching the surface…this is serious folks. Its almost like we’re on a runaway roll-a-coaster and its scary. Our children, bless their little hearts, hear death, dying every day if they’re anywhere even close to a television, the Internet, and other social media. And while we don’t seem to know exactly how the pandemic came forth…it has reaped havoc on everybody everywhere and the overall effect it has had on our youth will yet to be told. And by the way…since citizens who live and work here are restricted so adamantly about mask wearing etc. it might help our nation to write to government officials asking that all Afghanistan and South of the Border recent arrivals be screened for Covid, be required to wear masks, and get vaccinated as well before they are driven to their destination of choice. Doesn’t that seem only fair and reasonable?  

Do I sound negative? I’m sorry, I try not to be. I lean toward the positive side of things, but I also tell the truth as I see it.

Our military, law enforcement, have got to have our support and priority in all things…in view of the fact one of our predominant enemies now has a huge assortment of our expensive first-class military equipment in their possession is unreal. Please everybody, read, listen, and pay attention to the everyday changes we are facing.

Life is precious…all lives are precious and despite what some say and want the masses to believe…our love for each other…black, brown, white and everybody else…we help each other more than we hurt each other, we are neighbors and friends, many of us are like family…we are NOT all haters, we are not ignorant and shame on those of us who are gullible and soak it up and not discern the truth.

We live in the most awesome country on this planet…we are kind, loving people who care about the sick, the poor, the challenged and we have a gazillion dreams and aspirations to see come to fruition. Please, please stand up for our flag, our Constitution, our foundation and yes, even though many unfortunately downplay our nation’s greatness…ask yourselves why so many have flocked to the U. S. to see their dreams come true and their hard work pay off.

If you are a veteran or family member and you know a veteran in need of help,  please let me know (252) 202-2058 (text or call), email: editor@giglineheroes.com or contact Patty O’Sullivan, Dare County Veteran Service Officer (252) 475-5604 or email: dcvac@darenc.com She’s an outstanding source to help determine if you may have a V.A. claim or entitlement that you might be due. While she can’t determine the outcome of your submission of a claim, she’ll do her very best to help submit the claim, request for a duplicate DD-214 and answer important questions.  

Until next time…be healthy, safe, and happy. I have faith that we will come back to loving each other more regardless of race or politics, or financial status in life. The Gospel of Mark 3:25 tells us “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” God bless our heroes…active-duty troops and veterans, law enforcement, First Responders, and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help those affected by recent floods, earthquakes, tornados, and victims of fire. I love you all whether I know you or not. If you get a chance, check out: giglineheroes.com Stay tuned!   

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