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Decency – Gig Line #386

By Marsha M. Brown

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…you realize you haven’t…you really haven’t heard or seen it all and you wonder when and where it will stop.

The other day while watching my favorite home renovation show, a commercial that we’ve all heard a million times interrupted, so I started channel surfing and what stopped me in my tracks was a news story about how if a female in the military attempted to shower and a male who identifies ‘as a woman’ wanted to also shower in the lady’s shower…it should be allowed.

I listened to the rest of that segment and I shuttered. W-H-A-T? Are they serious? Did I just hear them say that if a woman in the military goes into the woman’s bathroom to shower, and a man who identifies himself as a woman also enters stark naked, she has to accept it? And if she cannot due to her own self-respect and respect for privacy, she has no alternative? I would say that’s a joke…but no, it’s not because most of the time jokes are funny. If this is true or in the works, it isn’t funny! Maybe I misunderstood? Maybe it’s only being considered but a plan to even contemplate this is sickening.

How could this even be considered? Are women who want to shower, bathe, or potty in a communal same sex restroom facility, but refuse to bathe in the company of a male, supposed to forgo personal hygiene to comply with this thing called ‘wokeness’? Or are they to put their embarrassment and distain for the idea aside and just suck it up? And for that matter, what about the men who serve our nation who are happily married and honestly don’t want to be in the company of a naked woman who identifies as a man in their showers?

To be honest with you, I thought I was either having a nightmare, not really awake or that somehow, I missed the first few minutes of the news topic, but then last night, again, I saw an interview of a young civilian woman (a teenager) who was subject to experiencing the same situation. When she brought it to the attention of those in authority at that non-military facility, the topic was defended…W-H-A-T? When she adequately expressed her concern for her little sister who would on occasion use the facility to shower and be exposed potentially to a nude male, she said she was treated as if she was in the wrong. Come on people!! What in the world?

As the reader of this column, you may personally not have a problem with this concept, I don’t know but I can tell you this…this decision, whomever introduced it no matter who they are or what position they hold in life could not have taken into consideration the facts of life, the human anatomy and the respect for personal privacy and overall decency.

This is an OPINION column, whether it be on our military bases, in a school setting or a public facility (clubs, public swimming pool or sports arena etc.) this ‘woke’ mentality is over the top!  It is absurd that those of us who have integrity and standards are expected to succumb to this ideology. As my Preacher Ivy would say, “Come on now!”

Do I think that lines in the military are crossed sometimes depending on their given situation or circumstances or what they have to deal with? Yes! Do I think everything is perfect in the field, jungle, desert or in the ocean that might not be ideal at times? Of course! It is what it is…but on an everyday basis to be expected to think things that matter don’t matter anymore is ridiculous. As we understand it, Adam & Eve wore a fig leaf, right? and cave men wore animal skins for to conceal their privates? For goodness’ sake!

Our responsibility as parents is to protect our children. Once they are grown up, they can decide for themselves what they are comfortable with but because someone ‘identifies’ differently than their body composition, should it be acceptable to expose them (literally) being the opposite sex to our kids? No.

I have a question. If the ‘woke’ mentality is currently supported by enough people to dictate these ‘changes’, why can’t expenditures be appropriated for a separate bathroom/shower facility to oblige men & women with ‘identity’ issues? Then, male, female and those who struggle with their sexual identity can proceed in the showers accordingly. That way, neither are put in an impossible situation. No one should be put on the spot, intimidated, forced to surrender to expose themselves to the opposite sex if they choose not to and life goes on.

I have compassion for anyone who has hardship, mental or emotional anguish in their life for whatever the reason or the source. I also truly hope that folks who can’t accept who they are or how their body was created reach a point to love themselves and feel whole. It would be horrible to feel otherwise but until that time comes, they should be treated with kindness by all of us. No one should shun, mock, or chastise a person whose heart is heavy or if they are struggling in life but…if establishing restrooms so that everyone has entitlement to self-respect and privacy then so be it. Okay, enough on that topic…I just had to vent for a minute!

‘The Wall That Heals’ – we may be eleven months away from it arriving in Dare County November 14, 2023 but let me assure you that plans are well underway for a spectacular event thanks to the devotion the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council, the event Committee and each additional person connected in any way to this endeavor. It’s my hope and dream that each person, regardless of age or military affiliation who visits it while it’s here will be touched in a very profound way. May ALL Vietnam Veterans and those who lost someone they loved to the Vietnam War (post War who came home) witness first-hand the love we have for them and the heartfelt gratitude we feel for what they endured. God bless our Vietnam Veterans and all who have served our nation in war times throughout our history.  

Grief Share Class – just started yesterday and it will continue for 13 weeks. Last evening, I spoke with a very nice lady who shared how much she liked it and was glad she went! It’s a free class held every Wednesday, 3-5pm Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church, Manteo. It’s beneficial for all men and women who grieve the loss of someone they love; no one has to talk or tell their story and you can come at any time – even in the middle of the course. Call me if you’d like at (252) 202-2058 and I’ll be happy to tell you just how great the class is as well as the leader, Peggy Snead. For more info: the Church number is: (252) 473-2089.

Another thing…these are hard times for everybody. If you or a friend are having an especially difficult time right now, please consider the benefit of utilizing our local Food Banks – they are easy to find info about on the Internet – just search Food Banks near the zip where you live. They are in various locations, and some are stationery that offer regular hours Monday – Friday and there are some mobile monthly distribution locations too. Please don’t hesitate, then just pay it forward by contributing your time, volunteer to help pack or distribute the food they collect or make a monetary donation once you can. God bless everyone who cares deeply about others and who is willing help in a lot of local volunteer organizations here and everywhere! 

Cellphonesforsoldiers.com – thank you for all the phones and tablets you all have donated to help our veterans and active duty soldiers. If you have any that you no longer use or that are old, broken or cracked please consider they are a treasure in that they can be refurbished and put to good use again! Please drop them off at the following locations: Dare County Administrative Building, 954 Marshall C. Collins Drive (Manteo); Thomas A. Baum Senior Center, 300 Mustian St. (KDH); Fessenden Center, 46830 NC Highway 12 (Buxton); Virginia S. Tillett Community Center (same complex as Administrative Bldg. (Manteo); and the Family Recreation Park, 602 Mustian St. (KDH).

How might the V.A. be able to offer help to you and your family? Please call Dare County Veteran Services Officer, Patty O’Sullivan, (252) 473-7749 or her office: (252) 475-5604. She is eager to help you file a claim, answer questions about medical issues related to your military service and assist you in acquiring a duplicate DD-214 if you have lost your original. Patty is awesome and dedicated to our veteran community! Please call her to determine if and how she can be of help. And…please leave your name and a reliable contact phone number.

Until next time, be healthy, safe, and happy! Thank every veteran or active duty military personnel you see to show them how wonderful they are! Again: (252) 202-2058 to call/text me or by email: giglineheroes@aol.com To read previous GIG LINE columns, you will find many on www.giglineheroes.com Thank you for reading, take care, know that we’re all in this together; that God loves you and so do I!  Stay tuned!

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