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Dare Countians Rock! – Gig Line #209


By Marsha M. Brown

Well my dear veteran friends – just so you know…the love and support of and for you is mounting day by day.

Last week Jamie Brown who works at Sam & Omie’s shared a nice story that I really appreciated hearing. She told me that one day recently six of our ‘finest’ U. S. Air Force military personnel went into the restaurant to eat and after they were seated and before they had even ordered, someone not in their party let it be known they wanted to pay the tab for the group. That…was nice…but she said even beyond that…before the veterans even finished their meal, several other tables of patrons also offered to pay the tab. And…when the group of six had finished their meal and got up to leave the restaurant, the remaining patrons and staff clapped, stood up and saluted them as they departed. WOW! A really nice welcome and a super nice departure wouldn’t you say? You know me…I couldn’t help it…the faucet turned on and the tears rolled. Jamie was moved telling me the story and I was moved hearing it.

In the parking lot of the Bethany United Methodist Church in Wanchese, we discussed the kindness of others who graciously showed their love and support of our vets and we thought of how proud my Billy would have been to hear that. He so loved hearing about the good deeds done across our nation for our veterans. It’s possible those six awesome veterans could have experienced that show of appreciation numerous times before but…maybe not…regardless, our locals and perhaps visitors too did a really good thing for really good people. Not only the “six” but others who were present were probably inspired enough to pay it forward again and again hopefully. And for sure, everyone present will likely remember that incident for years to come. So, thank you to each and every person who graciously offered and for demonstrating to our heroes what they mean to us in Dare County and the Outer Banks!

Note: If you experience a similar situation or story you’d like for me to share through GIG LINE, please email me at editor@giglineheroes.com  It does all of our hearts good to see and feel the goodness in people…especially for those who protect us daily and risk so much on our behalf. (Law enforcement and firemen…we thank you too!)

That was one recent account…then right behind that one, another local lady contacted me about her desire to help a Vietnam veteran friend of hers to organize and promote a casual, fun veteran get together. I quickly saw that her interest was great; her voice matter-of-fact and the more we talked the more I knew what doing something for her friend and other veterans meant to her. Basically she said she had been driven for a long time to so something special to show you (veterans) respect, honor and the deep appreciation for all you have done and still do today. She’s one of many who diligently seek opportunities and means to help and her friend? His desire to reach out to his brothers and sisters is unwavering. See folks? And…then there’s others doing good veteran deeds like Lisa Brickhouse Davis, Chris Sawin and fortunately more and more people are getting involved all the time and the list keeps growing!

So if…just if…you are a veteran who’s experienced disappointments, let downs and frustrations…just please consider this; you are very important to all of us; we know you have ‘walked the walk and talked the talk’…you have given of yourselves in many ways…for all of us and the numbers of veteran supporters and members of a grateful nation are countless. Some people are shy and may not speak up or out as much as others; some may not yet know how they can help in your behalf; some may be creating new ways in which to show you the respect you deserve that we are yet to know about…but our County of Dare is proud of you, grateful to you and eager to serve you for a change.

If you are eligible for membership but are not currently a member of the Outer Banks V.F.W. Post 10950, please consider joining. For more information you’re welcome to contact: Jim Norrell at (252) 489-9421and/or attend a meeting where you will be warmly welcomed into their fold. They meet each month on the first Monday at 7:00PM at the Colington Volunteer Fire Department, 108 Old School House Rd., in Colington, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. They want and need your help to help fellow comrades, so please join them! This fine group of outstanding men and women will be there for you…trust me, I know…not as a veteran myself but as a Vietnam veteran’s wife who’s husband  passed away this July due to an inoperable Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor (which I understand many “boots on ground” Vietnam veterans have suffered and died from). My “sweetie pie” Billy loved this group of veterans and honestly their membership as a whole was there for us from the beginning of his illness in February through his passing and even through today. They meant what they said and they said what they meant…they were here for Billy and for me.

If you are a member of the V.F.W. anywhere but would like to join our fast growing local Post 10950, please do it soon. The group is putting their words into actions for the good of all who have served as well as their family members. They are a tight knit group and they are the real deal. I know personally.

Also, if you’re interested in joining the local American Legion Post 26, you can contact them at (252) 715-4261 or stop by their Post at 302 W. Lake Drive, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948 (behind the Gift Garden sound side off the by-pass). Again, an awesome group of dedicated veterans who care about you and ways to help veteran families. As always…be happy, be safe and be proud. I thank God for you all each and every day. You veterans and your family members helped me and our children tremendously during the most painful time in our lives and I will never forget it. Until next time, please commit to finding ways to honor and help our veterans every day…they (and those who love them) appreciate and deserve it so much. God bless you all and please keep abreast of upcoming veteran celebrations and activities…and by all means stay tuned.


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Marsha M. Brown has been writing a weekly Gig Line since 2012.  Marsha is the widow of Vietnam War, U.S. Army, veteran Billy Brown of Manteo, NC.  She was instrumental in establishing the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council and maintains an active role in the veteran community. You can reach Marsha with questions or suggestions at editor@giglineheroes.com.  Have a story to tell or a veteran to feature? She would love to hear from you!

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