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Building a Veterans Group – Gig Line #8


By Marsha M. Brown

As a baby boomer, let me just say “hot diggity dog!” Hold me down! Hold me back! I’m so happy I could jump for joy! Why am I grinning from ear to ear? Why could I just break out in song? (Uhh, ohh…I’ve warned you about my singing!) Why do I feel like a lottery winner? Because…Monday, May 7, 2012 will be an awesome day!

“Oh come on!” you say, “Why?” you ask. Because on our Dare County Board of Commissioners AGENDA, (Item #13 to be precise), it references the Adoption of By-Laws and Appointment of Members to the new Veterans Advisory Council. Isn’t that wonderful?  I’m so excited! I can’t wait! What may seem like incidental political business to some is not only major to many of us, but of historical value. And besides that, it’s an answer to prayer! Commissioner Chairman Judge, Commissioner Shea, Commissioner Burrus, Commissioner(s) R. Johnson and M. Johnson, Commissioner Tillett, Commissioner Dutton, also; County Manager Outten, Clerk Gary Gross and Veterans Officer Rhonda Creef – thank you, thank you and thank you!

Great things are coming for our Dare County Veterans! The fires are lit. Democracy is in action and this step to reach out, compliment and further confirm respect for our Veterans on behalf of our Commissioners is worthy of praise! Beginning Monday, May 7th, it will never be the same in Dare County for our Veterans. People and circumstance are working together to increase awareness, celebration, education and unity. Matters of the ‘Veteran’s heart’ are coming to fruition and through the devotion of many; our Veterans will be lifted up in a very special way. 

How? Well, we’re going to work together to embrace our men and women in a new and different way; encourage activities that inspire, support our military and further show everyone who visits the Outer Banks that Veterans in our eyes are #1! 

Speaking of that, today as American citizens entitled to exercise our civic duty, Billy and I cast our ‘early’ vote. It was a privilege. Voting is a chance we all have to confidentially ‘state our case’; act on our conviction and exert confidence in the Candidate we feel most capable of governing us, our families and our future.

While waiting our turn to support our choice of Candidates, my eyes scanned the Board of Elections office. The staff assisted the voters and as usual I noted the same, dependable professionalism I’ve witnessed for years. They discretely asked voter affiliation; they carefully instructed participants in the use of voter equipment; they spoke quietly, confidentially and intentionally to ensure things were done properly and with integrity.

Soon, my eyes fell upon the technologically advanced method of casting those precious votes. You know, where we privately say to people we don’t always know personally (but hopefully have learned enough about to vote for with good consciousness) that we trust them? I took my turn and with the gentle touch of a finger, I said my peace. Then, I eased my way over to the ‘goodie bowl’ at the front counter where I retrieved a sticker that told the world I had voted.

On the way out while my sweet Billy greeted several folks he knew and embraced an old friend, I made my way to the corridor. I thoughtfully considered the patriotic souls who have devoted their whole life to public service determined to make life better for the rest of us. I am thankful. I’m thankful that through the blood, sweat and tears of our Veterans and true blue Americans, we have the freedom to vote. I was moved to consider the dedicated political leaders who have cared more about public office for the right reasons than for the glory, attention or accolades that sometimes come with it.

Lately and to my surprise, a few people have mentioned they weren’t planning to even vote in this coming November election. Are you serious? Why in the world would anyone forfeit the chance to utilize ten tiny minutes out of a day to stand up for those they feel honestly stand up for them? Please say it ain’t so! Just because everybody isn’t cut out to run for office, or publically state their position on matters of government doesn’t mean they should waste a chance to secretly speak their mind by casting a vote. Please make it a point to cease the opportunity to vote in November 2012. Voting is one of the many blessings afforded to us because of the sacrifices of our Veterans, Armed Forces and public officials.

Lastly, and very importantly, if you’re a Veteran, please join us this Monday, May 7 at the 9AM Commissioners meeting. Let’s celebrate this very special event together! Until next time, be happy, be proud and stay tuned!  

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